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Cryosurgery as a Treatment Option for Actinic Keratosis

Cryosurgery (Cryotherapy) is a very common method of therapy when a growth needs to be destroyed or removed. In this procedure, liquid nitrogen is used to quickly freeze the lesion at very cold temperatures.

The rapid freezing and thawing process damages and destroys the cells that make up actinic keratosis. It is an extremely effective procedure when treating singular small and singular lesions, and is used as standard treatment for removing many other skin problems as well.

Although minor discomfort during the procedure is common and expected, it is not prolonged. When compared to surgical excision, scarring appears to be minimal.

One major advantage of this procedure is that it is an extremely cost effective procedure and is a relatively simple procedure. Generally a single visit is sufficient, and does not require any other follow-up treatments.

The treatment is an in-office procedure, and a certified doctor must perform the task.

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