Actinic Keratosis Probability Quiz

Answer the quiz as best and as honestly as you can. If you have a question that you are not sure about, make a best approximation, or skip the question and move ahead. The quiz is not to determine whether or not you will develop actinic keratosis or not, but to give you a rough guideline of your susceptibility to this condition.

Lifestyle Factors

1. Do you currently work, or have worked in the past, an outdoor job that exposes your skin to the sun for prolonged periods?

  Yes, for more than 5 years
  Yes, for less than 5 years
  No, not at all

2. How regularly do you use broad spectrum sunscreens?

  Only when I go to the beach or am on vacation
  On a somewhat regular basis
  All the time

3. Do you wear protective clothing when out in the sun (sunglasses, hats, umbrellas, long sleeves)?

  No, I never really thought about it.
  Sometimes, when convenient.

4. During my childhood, I spent most of my days:

  Outdoors playing sports with friends
  Indoors, reading, or playing video games

5. Have often have you spent days at the beach or a tanning salon to work up a tan?

  Many days. I was (am) a sun worshipper.
  Some of my days. I didn't exactly worship the sun, but I've spent some days at the beach.
  I rarely go out to the beach. I'm more of an indoor person.

6. I smoke...

  More than a pack a day
  I smoke less than a pack a day
  I have smoked in the past, but currently do not smoke
  I have never smoked before, but come into contact with smokers often
  I have never smoked before, and am rarely in contact with other smokers

7. My stress level is...

  Very high

8. My exercise level is...



9. My mother/father has or had actinic keratosis

  Has or had actinic keratosis or skin cancer
  Has never had actinic keratosis or skin cancer

10. My extended family, as far as I know

  Have a history of actinic keratosis or skin cancer
  Do not have a history of actinic keratosis or skin cancer

11. I have...

  Pale white skin, and burn easily in the sun
  Olive coloured skin, and sometimes burn
  Dark skin, and almost never burn

12. I am...

  70+ years old
  Younger than 30

Current Conditions

13. I would say that my skin is...

  Showing many signs of sun damage such as mottled or pigmented skin, sagging, discoloration, and broken blood vessels
  Showing some signs of sun damage, but not in any severe way.
  Is very healthy, and am not showing any signs of damage at the moment.

14. My immune system is...

  Weakened due to a chronic illness that directly affects my immune functions or due to medication that is an immunosuppressant.
  Healthy, as far as I am concerned.

15. I have...

  Already been treated for actinic keratosis or skin cancer in the past
  Never had actinic keratosis or skin cancer in the past

The test will provide you with some indication of whether you are a likely candidate to develop actinic keratosis. The scores are not meant to be an accurate depiction of who is more or less likely to develop this condition. Rather, it is to be used as a general measuring stick, and to warn those who score highly to watch out for potential signs of actinic keratosis.

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